Doug Garasic
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Doug Garasic is the founder and vision pastor of Rust City Church. In 2011, Doug had a dream in his heart for the people of Youngstown, Ohio to “Forget Religion. Find God.” At age 26, he and his wife launched their church and then moved into the area’s largest regional mall. Rust City exploded and in 2013 they opened a second campus – a Dream Center in the downtown district, in a bar that had been shut down due to violence and illegal activity. Doug also established Rust City College, a school that trains and equips students in ministry. Since then, he’s crossed state lines to launch a third campus in another mall in Pennsylvania and added a university campus at Youngstown State University. Inviting people in the heart of the Rust Belt to find a new possible continues to be Doug’s driving passion.

Doug’s first book, Notorious, reflects his heart to go after the people that no one else wants. His second book, Wayside, explores how to find God in the last place you’d expect. Doug and his wife Stephanie have three children: Parker, Ian, and Gryff (their 100-lb puppy).