and why he started this site…

Doug Garasic is the founding pastor of Rust City Church, with locations in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. About four years after planting the church and growing from 14 people to 1000, one location to three, Doug and his wife Stephanie found themselves in a challenging season. They didn’t have the funds to sustain the ministry they’d built and couldn’t understand why even some of the most “committed” church members weren’t giving. One night, as Doug was crying out to God, he felt God drop an idea in his heart – a strategy for how to teach generosity to the church, how to bring consistency to people’s good intentions for giving, and to ultimately stop him from worrying about finances so much. Doug and his team have walked out this method at Rust City Church and seen God do incredible things. The church’s operating budget is almost solely covered by recurring donations – faithful givers who are committed to trusting God with their own finances.

Doug continues to lead Rust City with his wife, and travels around the country to coach and invest in other pastors and leaders. He enjoys binge-watching documentaries, talking to his fantasy football buddies, and playing with his two little boys.


Quit Worrying About Money .com is a resource for pastors and church leaders who want a strategy to grow their church’s generosity that isn’t weird or manipulative, but that will bring stability and consistency to their finances, and result in less stress, less worry and more freedom to focus on the important things!

It’s important to understand that this is just a method. It’s not the message. The message is that God is a generous God, that Jesus came to save us – not just from hell, but to give us abundant life. When he was on earth, Jesus talked more about money than anything else, because he knew how much it would affect us. As pastors and leaders, we have a responsibility to teach people what the Bible says about money.

But the method of recurring giving is one that makes sense to this generation. It allows people to start where they are and stay committed to the journey of trusting God and learning to steward their finances.

If you want to take advantage of this strategy, you can purchase the online course or request personalized coaching.



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